Product Notes



Talisman only sells imported pewter we can completely guarantee to be safe for our customers to use and enjoy. Each and every lot of our imported pewter is tested for the presence of Lead and Cadmium to make sure it more than complies with the Federal standard.

Our imported pewter is cast and finished in 3 colors: antiqued-silver, antiqued-gold and antiqued-bronze.

Pewter care: All metals react to chlorine, salt water and chemicals (i.e. hairspray). We recommend you don't swim or spray your hair while wearing our pewter products. Pewter may tarnish over time but can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth or plain toothpaste.



These are handmade beads and findings from India. They are similar in quality as the silver Indonesian handmade beads (also known as Bali beads) used to be.



Our imported lamp glass is all individually handcrafted. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same. We examine each piece for defects. We either do not sell or severely discount pieces not up to our standards of perfection.



The stone beads we carry are usually manufactured in China. The rough (uncut stone) always comes from a specific country and mine location. As the cut, quality and availability of stone beads varies a great deal it is difficult to generalize any information.

We try to keep our quality standards very high. Our buyers check all stone we sell for high quality of: material, hole shape, and polish.


Our freshwater pearls come from China. Most of them are non-nucleated (exceptions are coin, stick and mabé pearls). They are cultured in large freshwater mussels (up to 40 pearls each) and can be harvested as often as once a year. Keshi pearls are naturally occurring and unpredictable as to size and quality.
Some colors are natural (like white and peach) and others are treated (like red, dark green and dark blue). All the colored pearls are heat-treated for color retention.




Our stampings and castings were bought as a bulk lot from a renowned jewelry manufacturer who was moving. When we unpacked our boxes we were terribly excited to find: French copper castings, beautiful brass stampings (made in U.S.A) and some original designed pieces by the jewelry manufacturer. Most pieces are in their raw state, but some have been plated with Antiqued Silver and Antiqued Gold. Many pieces contain Swarovski crystals. Please note: any designs you buy with a copyright seal are always under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced without permission of the artist.